Project launched on Facebook and we have until the end of April - 26 more days - to raise as much money as we can online. Spread the word. Every dollar = one book! Follow updates on Facebook

Books and money have been counted and YCIS collected an incredible 1955RMB and 196 books at their fundraiser! Thank you to everyone involved!
Well done YCIS Student Council!  The first fundraiser was a huge success. Students brought a donation or a book for the Shiban Library Project and got to leave their uniforms at home! 

Details on number of books and amount raised soon...

Thank you to Amber Ortega for sorting and carry 80 pounds of books from America to Chongqing for the Students' Library Project. Amber collected these books from schools in Texas. Thank you to everyone who donated their time and used books to make this happen! And Amber, thank you for showing us all that one person's actions can make an enormous difference.
On Sunday the sun was shining (well, Chongqing-style shining, which means the cloud and smog were brighter than usual) so Mr Hall and I decided to wander the BeiBei furniture markets with Mr and Mrs Borengasser. We found three bookshelves and Mr Borengasser (who speaks perfect Chinese) negotiated a good price. We hired a truck, loaded the furntiure (along with Mr Hall who had to ride home hiding in the back, breathing in the fresh exhaust fumes) and delivered the furniture to YCIS. Students will start planning the artwork designs that they will eventually paint on the bookshelves this week. Thanks Mr and Mrs Borengasser for your help!

The biggest issue at the moment is finding a way to receive donations, both international and local. I would like to partner with a charity or NGO, in China or Australia so we can give people and organisations receipts for their contributions. Let me know if you can think of a charity that may be a good fit to partner with us on this project. There is a great website called where we can register and have access to online facilities for people to be able to give online credit card donations.
The art teacher from YCIS, Mr Borengasser is going to hold an after school activity each Wednesday where students from YCIS can participate in painting the bookshelves for the Shiban students. I'll keep you posted on their progress with pictures. 
CQIGW are going to help raise money for the Student Library Project at their Children's Day charity event! Xie xie!
Been a busy week meeting with potential project partners for the Shiban project. Visited Shiban Primary School on Monday (thank you Principal Fang and teachers for making us feel so welcome), YCIS Student Council meeting on Tuesday and CQIWG meeting today ... and the great news is that everyone is keen to get the project started!