Bron Hall with ECE students at Shiban

Global Goal: 3000 Libraries

The Students' Library Project was conceived by Bronwyn Hall, an Australian expat living in China. Observing the enormous amount of good will and resources that exist in international expat communities and the fact that both international children and local children could benefit from closer ties with one another, Bronwyn decided to provide seed funding through the Research Den to launch the first Students' Library Project in Chongqing, China. 

There are many excellent projects around the globe that open libraries for local communities and schools and we applaud each and every one. The difference with the Students' Library Project is that young expat students (not adults or charities) lead the projects to help improve the lives and education of their local, less well-off peers.    
It's a unique, dynamic and empowering way for international students to help local students.

The long-term goal of the Students' Library Project is to engage the global network of International Baccalaureate (IB) schools to work in partnership with local schools in setting up libraries. There are over 3000 IB schools in more than 140 countries. If every student council led a Students' Library Project we could simultaneously launch some 3000 libraries in poor or disadvantaged schools around the world!

At this point in time, however, we are excited to be launching the concept and putting our attention towards one very deserving project: providing 700 books to start an ECE library area at Shiban Primary School

The way each project works:
  • Students help students: An international school student council leads each project in partnership with students from a local school
  • Expat support: International students fundraise within the broader expat community to provide a library or reading corner for a local school
  • "One child, one book": The goal in every project is to start the library or reading corner with one book for every child in the school, so 500 students in a school means that project's goal is 500 books; 1000 students in a school and the goal would be 1000 books!