Yew Chung and Shiban Project 

  • Yew Chung International School of Chongqing Student Council are leading this exciting project to raise funds to provide an Early Childhood Education (ECE) library area at Shiban Primary School in Jiulongpo District, Chongqing, China
  • There are 700 students in the school so the goal is to launch the library with 700 books
  • The ECE students (aged from 3 to 5) at Shiban do not currently have access to books at school 
  • The Student Council are working with local and international organisations and businesses to raise the funds to bring the magic of books into these children's lives
  • The Student Council are also working with Shiban school administration, teachers and students to identify the books they would like in their school 


The 2011 Shiban Primary School project will be launched in conjunction with Children's Day 六一国际儿童节 liù yī guó jì ér tóng jié on 1st June 2011. Check out the Latest News for launch details.

YCIS Student Council

Yew Chung International School has over 100 students who represent more than 20 nationalities. The Student Council is made up of secondary students. This energetic group are leading the Shiban Library Project. 

Check out our trip to the BeiBei furniture markets to buy bookshelves 

Project goal: 700 BOOKS 
Project start date: Monday 21st February 
Project launch date: 1st June 2011
New and used BOOK DRIVE: Closed 30th April 2011
Make a financial donation: DONATE NOW! - closed

MARCH 2011: YCIS students have started decorating the bookshelves for Shiban Primary School in their own time after school  


Under the guidance of the YCIS Art Teacher, students began decorating the library bookshelves last week. 

Students spent their first afternoon together looking through ECE picture books for inspiration before giving the shelves an undercoat and choosing some bright background colours.

Over the next few weeks students will add their own designs and decorations to the bookshelves.